Mastery Rewind: Apple, Jobs Report, 3D Systems, Volatility

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July is here and we welcome some great moves in Apple, 3D Systems and more.

July had a break on the 4th for trading.  We review Thurs and Friday which included some stellar 52-week highs, Jerry Seinfeld, a bottom in volatility, and the big jobs report.


How to trade the Jobs Report

The much-anticipated monthly jobs report comes out tomorrow - here's how you should trade the reaction to the reaction of the numbers.

Teddy KGB - Rounders


Seinfeld returns to the web and Crackle

Jerry is back with his friends and classic cars. 



Apple shares back above $600 mark

Apple shares are back above $600 and its shareholders couldn't be happier.

Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples


Once again cue the VXX

The VXX hit bottom, we told you to buy.  Rinse, lather, repeat.
Psycho - Shower Scene