Mastery Rewind: Silver Stocks, MCA, AMD

MCA - Young Beastie Boys

MCA helps us review the stock picks of the week.

Quiet week except for silver and its silver mining companies. Besides SLV, SSRI there could be something left in AMD (AMD) but its a risky trade.  Nokia (NOK) jumped big time since we recommended it.  Let's review the week and relive the glory of MCA.

Going back to the Dumpster (NOK, AMD, RIMM)

A month later we go back in the trash, turns out NOK has bounced 70%.

Dumpster Diving for Stocks

Silver is the Trade Today

Silver is on the move today and taking our trades higher.

Silver Surfer

AMD: Ready for a Bounce?

AMD is as lame as Orko.  Its why we are looking at it.

Orko AMD

Nothing to do 'till the Hole

Not a lot going on with stocks this week as we wait for the Fed Meeting. Here are some videos to fill your boring day.

Black Hole Sun

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