Mastery Rewind: Apollo Group, Chinese Stocks and More

Cool Hand Luke - Big Pic

Play it cool Luke, let's review the week.

Rejoice Masters its the weekend and for our 4 readers that enjoy our commentary, here is the best of the week.  Apollo Group Inc. (APOL) and the iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index ETF (FXI) could be worth a look.

Behold the stuff and things...

Education & Training Stock Picks (LRN, ESI, DV, UTI, APOL)

With QE3 until Unemployment numbers get better, could the Education & Training industry benefit?



Facebook: It was right to Buy

We said buy Monday, make that a 17% return by Friday. 

Facebook - Zuck bucks


Chinese Equities: Buy or Sell

Chinese stocks are at 10 year lows, is it time to load up?

Big Trouble Little China - Lightning Dude