Mastery Rewind: Mitt Romney Stocks and more

6 Million Dollar Man Robot

We rewind the week and embrace our soon to be President.

It was a tough week for stocks Masters.  However through the fire we found some stocks worth looking at including some equities that could benefit under a future President Romney.

If you can't beat em, join em.


Stocks to Buy if Mitt Romney becomes President

If the Romney Robot wins, it's best to buy these stocks else be terminated.

Mit Romney and Terminators


Spain Crushes Stocks: Forgetaboutit

This week the market has been plauged by EU economic worries.  Seriously, Forgetaboutit.

Forgetaboutit - Sopranos


Invest in Magnets with OM Group (OMG)

The Masters have a pick today that Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman would approve of. That's right, Magnets.



Richard Please Save the Dow

Stocks have been falling since last Friday, there's only one person who can help. 

Richard Harrow - Boardwalk Empire


On a lighter note, two of the greatests battle, RIP JMJ.