Mastery Rewind: Fun with Weapons Style

Southpark - Fun with Weapons

Mastery rewinds the worst week of trading in 2012 -- South Park Style.

Terrible week with the Dow Jones Index erasing its gains of 2012.  Facebook (FB) couldn't help us but Mastery did find some opportunity in gaming stocks as well as the mother of all stocks -- Apple (AAPL).

Let's dive into it, behold the week that ended May 2012.  We close it with a great theme song from South Park, 'Let's Fighting Love'.

Higher Lows for Russell 2000 Small Caps (TNA, IWM)


Since May 21st, the Small Caps Russell 2000 index has been putting in higher lows.  The reversal off the lows this morning has been quite powerful as well.  Are Small Caps ready for a big bounce? 



Sell or Buy Facebook Shares?


Facebook is off to a rough start, everyday its stock gets cheaper.  Mastery is warming up to the idea of owning FB.



3 Gaming Stocks to Buy Now


Don't count Niko and all his virtual friends out just yet.  These stocks will hunt you down if you're not careful.




Time to Buy Apple Inc?


The analyst and blogging community is screaming Buy Apple, is it finally time?


Apple Inc - Large Logo