How to Fix our Stocks: Send a Message

Joker Keith - Burning Money

EU you can print more money and traders will flock to stocks.  Send the message.

It is all about money.  Keith Ledger was incorrect as the Joker when he said "its not about money" but he was right when he said "its about sending a message".  Whatever the Greeks and EU decide to do, they could print money and make stocks more valuable.  If they don't, then the last line the Joker said after lighting a few million dollars on fire will ring true -- "everything burns."


The "everything" burning will be our portfolios, 401(k)'s, IRA's and all our precious securities.  They will burn come Monday if the EU doesn't get their shit together.  Don't let Spain or Greece default, find a solution.  Today the market is higher as investors hold out hope for our central banks doing the right thing. 

Message to our friends across the pond.  Don't be insane like the Joker.  Do what needs to be done to save our stocks.  Otherwise the entire world will get burned.

 Case and point...