Hope for Nintendo Shares?

Mario Bros. Super Nintendo

Nintendo shares continue to trade near record lows despite an arsenal of new products coming.

Today Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) shares came within a penny from its 12 month low, touching $16.66 before bouncing up to $16.80.  Since July Nintendo shares have lost 1/3 of their value and in 2011 its dropped 53%. 

nintendoThe Wii U has been criticised for its unknown technology.  It's up to Nintendo to demonstrate why its new console is the next toy / device to have.  Nintendo's stock has been on a dive in 2011 thanks to terrible actual and forecast earnings not to mention poor 3DS sales.  Ever since the earthquake in Japan things haven't been the same for Nintendo -- the company is struggling to impress Wall Street.  This year has been brutal to the once technology gaming leader, 2011 marked Nintendo's first drop in annual profit in six years.

The Wii U was shown to early to the world, it lacked game titles and clear direction.  The technology is groundbreaking, see for yourself:

What could help the Wii U?  One word: App Store.

That's the latest reported from TheDaily.com, the video they have posted is worth watching - go there now.

The Wii U will finally be available to the masses in a few months.  Its touchscreen interface could score big for the company should it provide the ability to check email, surf the Web, and post to social networks.

MASTERY Bottom Line (Johnny Cobra Kai Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Now is the perfect time for NTDOY comeback in 2012.

Shares are trading at levels not seen since the rebirth of the company thanks to the original Wii.  NTDOY hasn't traded in the $16 range since January 2006.

If the Wii U can deliver NTDOY shares could finally bounce back.