Best High Yield CD Deals: Nexity, Connexus, AuroraBank

high yield cdThe best bang for your buck CD deals are the 12 month terms as we head into Summer 2011.  Thanks to Google's Advisor the banks to check our are NEXITY Bank, Connexus Credit Union, and AuroraBank.

You can lock in a 1.27% APY for one year, its not that great, but its the best the web can find. 

Make sure to check your local zip code offers using Google's Advisor, maybe you can do better than the national deals.

As of Monday 6/27/11, here is the detail on the best national high yield CD offer you can find:

By the time you find this article, there may be some better deals, check out our sponsors:

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12 months
Monthly, annually, at maturity
Account covered by FDIC insurance up to $250,000


SOURCE: Google's Advisor |