Nokia under $2 a Share

Nokia Lumia 900

More of the same for Nokia, another day another 12 month low.

Nokia (NOK) shares are under two dollars and got as low as $1.78 today.  Nokia's share price decline continues and its now back to levels not seen since 1994

Today's Nokia Hater-Aid comes courtesy of RBC.  The firm says Nokia's Q2 and Q3 results will be terrible and thus we hit a new 52-week low. RBC cites the Lumia Windows Phones can't be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.  That's a big for Nokia despite the popularity of the Lumia.  In 2012 Nokia shares have lost 63% of their value, its brutal.

There's plenty of believers in Nokia's long term turnaround possibilities.  However when will Wall Street buy into the idea?

MASTERY Bottom Line (Lightning Dude Style)

MASTERY Bottom line:

Nokia at $1.75 a share is worth the risk of throwing a few bucks at. 

Should the company report any positive news, this stock is bouncing.










Remeber, the value of a share of a company is supposed to be determined by adding the total equity of the company (assets, capital, etc.), subtracting the debts outstanding, then dividing by the number of shares issued.  Unfortunately, when a company gets too far into the hole (owes more than its got) the shares can go inside-out, ie, bankruptcy.  Kmart did this about ten years ago and wiped out all its common shares.  Dura Automotive also, scores more. A share of stock is a free loan to a company and the board of directors can do what they want with the money, like pay themselves, pay dividends, make good or bad decisions, etc.  They can also say screw you, we don't owe you a thing for your dollars invested.Use close stops or purchase call options on strongly down days.Good Luck!! Kensu D. Neit

Outstanding commentary, thank you Kensu.