Stock to Buy for $3

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia shares have lost 63% in the past 12 months, could that finally start to change?

Nokia (NOK) shares closed Friday (Aug 11th) at $3.20, losing one-third its value in 2012.  The Lumia 900 and upcoming re-design efforts are being praised by the media and internets alike, when will it impact its share price.

Nokia is trading 2.5% away from its 52-week low, upping its annual dividend yield to 8.23% (but seriously we may never see this get paid).  Apple's (AAPL) SIRI which runs on the iPhone when asked says the best smartphone ever is Nokia's Lumia 900.  How about them apples?

Mastery likes this article from DailyTech - 'Nokia Can't Keep Up With Cyan Lumia 900 Demand, In Talks With Verizon'
that may help Nokia shares next week.  Bottom line is demand is great for the 900 and the company may have another hit on its hands PureView 808.  Nokia U.S. President Chris Weber confirms in a PC Magazine interview, that sales of the Lumia 900 are so strong that Nokia is facing something it hasn't faced in a long time globally -- or perhaps ever in the U.S. -- it can't keep up with demand. 

Could this really be true?  Let's hope so because if it is Nokia shares won't stay below $3 for long.  Check out the PureView 808, its damn impressive: