Stocks in December: Republicans vs. Democrats

Obama vs. Boehner

If our lawmakers figure it out then we all win.  If not, its gonna suck for stocks.

Either side has to bend.  Our stocks are riding on the fate of avoiding falling off the U.S. 'Fiscal Cliff'.  This week expect your equities to trade wildly on the actions and words of our elected officials.

The latest development is this interview with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner who said it's all up to the GOP.  Mastery could care less which side comes to the table.  We just care about the stability and direction of our stocks.  Please elected officials of the United States: DO YOUR JOB. 

Make nice for the American taxpayers and prevent us from going over the 'Fiscal Cliff'.  Please resolve the issues so we can stop talking about the 'Fiscal Cliff'.  We are all sick of Republicans and Democrats not working together.  Its beyond stupid.  We are paying for these hard headed idiots to argue and do nothing.  Get your shit together, and get it together now.

Bottom line: Message to Washington -- Please save our economy and our savings via 401(k)'s, personal portfolios, and IRA's from losing money.