Quiet Comebacks: McDonalds, UnitedHealth, Chipotle

Shhh - Colbert and Stewart

Shhh! These popular stocks have ticked higher since mid January without any big headlines.

Some Mastery large cap Mastery favorites have beat the performance of the S&P 500 since mid January.  Those names are Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc (CMG), UnitedHealth Group Inc (UNH) and McDonald's Corp (MCD).  Since January 17th McDonalds (MCD) has gained 4.5%, UnitedHealth (UNH) up 6.4% and Chipotle (CMG) up 15.2%.

Recall we started Chewing on Chipotle in late October and since that time the stock has rallied back more than 30%.  All of what we said in that article rings true and it's why the stock has gone on an amazing ride:

Now that CMG is in the $200 range its starting to look attractive


For the vultures on the sidelines (like us) we like that the burrito maker's Q3 revenue increased 18.4% when compared to Q3 last year.  Chipotle posted an impressive 19.6% growth over last year's Q3 for net income.  Expectations for CMG were too high. They have been for a while and its stock was overdue for a pullback.

There are more fans of this company than Negative Nancy's believing its growth story is over.  Chipotle still has a great concept and continues to be a money maker.

UnitedHealth Group Inc (UNH) shares got spanked just before the new year and have staged a great comeback.  UNH got down to $51 and change on on Jan 8th.  UnitedHealth is now at $57, up more than 9% since that Jan low.  The stock is well priced with a P/E Ratio of 10.9 and EPS of 5.28.  UnitedHealth and it's friends are still being held hostage by Obamacare. 

Despite the negative spin the stock is ticking higher and Mastery likes the potential.  Until the dust settles on health care take solace in UNH's 21 cent quarterly dividend for a forward yield 1.49%. Keep in mind the dividend is for shareholders of record Mar 15th. and is payable Mar 26th ( Ex-div date Mar 13th).  Revisit Healthcare Stocks: UnitedHealth Group and Humana for why we like UNH.

McDonald's Corp (MCD) is moving at a snail's pace but the overall trend is up.  We make it known we McLove the stock; Fast Food Stocks for 2013 as well as 5 Bankable Stock Picks for 2013 thru 2014.  MCD is a waiting game but it packs a 3.24% annual dividend yield.  The chart looks good when you stretch it out over the past 3 months (see below) and MCD is now 12% of its 52-week low.  McDonald's shares are done falling.

MASTERY Bottom Line (Ninja Style)

Bottom line: CMG and UNH may still continue to head higher thanks to buying interest. 

MCD still needs some work but their dividend makes the wait tolerable. 

Get to the quiet comeback stocks before the internets announces they have all rebounded.