The Romney Rally that Could Be

Mit Romney and Ronald Reagan

A Republican back in the Oval Office could help stocks rally like they did when Reagan took office in the 80's.

Sometimes history does repeat itself and during these extreme uncertain times, having a Republican President could save our stocks.  We would all love to believe that Obama can be re-elected and the job that is needed to get America back on course.  As an investor, I'd rather have my 401(k) increase and my personal portfolio recover to my 2008 level and more.

Fellow Masters, the rational educated American will vote for the right candidate to get the job done.  Right now we need direction and the market needs certainty more than volatility. Take a gander at what the Dow Jones did in 1980 the year Ronald Reagan was voted into the White House.  The chart is a thing of beauty and all of us would benefit greatly if history could repeat itself with Mitt Romney as President. 

If the Republicans were in total control we could finally get things done in Washington.  With our elected officials actually working together we could experience the Reagan effect of  1980.  That's when the stock market went on an incredible rally despite a bad macro environment. 

This fellow Master is warming up to the idea of voting Republican just for the possibility of a 'Romney Rally'. 

Check out for their article on the subject and Barclay's believes it could happen.  I pray it does.


chart 1980