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Robot Stocks to Buy for 2014

ROM SpaceKnight

Resistance is futile.  Here come the robots.

Making the cut are iRobot (IRBT), Amazon (AMZN), Accuray Incorporated (ARAY) and others.

Trouble for AEO


Set back for American Eagle.

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) had a rough earnings call last week.  Could it be time to re-enter now that it has backed down?

A Sure Shot for a New 52-week High

Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples

China Mobile will take it to new heights.

Apple Inc (AAPL) hit a new 52-week high today, it was really thanks to the stock finally out of the $580 range.

Sirius is Going to Bounce



This weekend Sirius XM (SIRI) is the cover story on Barron's.  This stock is sure to bounce on Monday thanks to its $3 share price.

Activist Investors want more from Apple Inc.

Apple Inc MONEY

Rich Apple shareholders want a better return.

"Where's the Beef?" is essentially what Carl Icahn and David Einhorn are saying to Apple (AAPL).  Both have a big positon in the stock and they want their return on investment, pronto.

Time is running out for Movie4K

Star Trek Underwear Scene

Enjoy it while you can because won't be around for long.

Via -- won't be around for much longer if the Powers-that-be get their way.  

Aruba Networks and Volume Pockets

Bullish General Large Pic

Aruba Networks (ARUN) could be worth a look for traders based on a techincal viewpoint.

Revisiting Microsoft and Alcoa

Jessica Alba

The old dogs may still have it for investors.

A look into Microsoft (MSFT) and Alcoa Inc. (AA).  Could they still have what it takes to put money into investors pockets?

The SSO Beats them All

Bullish General Large Pic

Forget indivdual stocks, go with the gusto.

All praise the SSO.  That would be the ProShares Ultra S&P500 (SSO) which gained 4.14% today or $3.54 to close at $85.54.  Why buy individual equities when you can just buy the S&P 500 and be rewarded for the double the movement.

Breaking Bad the Stock

Breaking Bad - Gus

The end is finally here, but the investment could take-off.

Via -- Final episode Sept 29th, still worth buying AMC Networks Inc (AMCX)?  Barron's thinks so.