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Here are today's Covered Call Picks for Tuesday 06-04-2013.

What's a Covered Call?

The covered call is a strategy where an investor writes a call option contract (sells an option) while at the same time owning an equivalent number of shares of the underlying stock.If this stock is purchased simultaneously with writing the call contract, the strategy is commonly referred to as a buy-write.

While you may have heard that trading options is risky business, covered calls are actually a very conservative strategy, and most brokerages even allow retirement IRA accounts to write covered calls.

Caution with

Beerfest Boot - Good Pic (Use this One)

Sure it's back, but sketchy.

By now you've figured out if you are searching for that is has become  However visiting the website and actually streaming its 'legal' content could be a huge mistake.  Besides the Malware, Trojan horses, and adware/spam that it will install how do you know Big Brother isn't watching your IP Address and your web activity?  It's time to give it up.

Silver - Large Pic w Bars

Mastery reviews the stocks that did work this week.

For a second week in a row the major indexes closed in negative territory.  However Mastery did nail the bottom in the silver miners including Silver Standard Resources Inc. (SSRI) and Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW).  We also caught Facebook (FB) at its low and found a reason to hold onto T-Mobile (TMUS).

300 Movie - This is Sparta Kick

It appears a copy/paste version could be popping up.

 It appears that could be in the process to moving to  The best article and well researched news on 'what happened to Movie2K' can be found at

Rambo Nooooo!

Free movies online is over. A big Rambo No.  Back to Netflix, HBO GO, and Xfinity.

Here is the latest via, Mastery took the liberty of translating it since there are zero articles in English on



As the Softbank acquisition of Sprint (S) begins to look more likely, T-Mobile USA could be next in line. 

Japan’s SoftBank cleared a major regulatory hurdle today by reaching an agreement with the U.S. government officials regarding the country’s security matters.

Silver Surfer

Just when you thought it was dead, Mastery nailed the bottom.

Last week we talked up silver and its miners in Back to the Gold and Silver Hedge (GLD, SLV, KGC, SSRI, SLW).  We hoped you listened.  They have finally bounced and the big winner is Silver Standard Resources Inc. (USA) (NASDAQ:SSRI).


Facebook Shares: Unlike

Facebook - UNLIKE

Every stock is up but Facebook, what gives?

Facebook Inc (FB) shares are down 9.5% YTD while the NASDAQ is up 15.5% and the S&P 500 is up 16.4%.  Facebook has had a terrible month of May, losing 12% since May 2nd.  Now that FB is down to the $24, does anyone care?

Short Week, Quick Trades

Wall Street Bull

Four day trading week, let's make the best of it.

Reporting earnings this week is Costco (COST) and if they have something good to say it's a great sign for the American consumer.  It could be the reason to stay in U.S. equities for another week.


We go in search of stocks that will still run with the bulls.

Fellow Masters as we close another week we are going back to basic hedge gold and silver plays. The few positive stocks today are Silver Wheaton (SLW), Silver Standard Resources (SSRI) and Kinross Gold (KGC). Let's rewind the week and find some other stocks worth reviewing.