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Bottom for Best Buy?

Show me the Money - Jerry M (Big Pic)

Best Buy got hit hard last week, is the pain over?

Best Buy (BBY) has lost more than 1/3 of its market cap over the past two trading sessions.  Justified or overdone?

Apple Shares Bounce Again

Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples

The stock is up today, but for how long?

Apple Inc (AAPL) shares are up 2% today, trying hard to get to the $550 level.  Everyday that passes the 52 week range improves for Apple as it moves further away from its 2012 $700 price.  Can the stock return to greatness?

Ganga Stocks to Buy


What are the pot stocks you can buy?  We got em. 

Now that it's legal in Colorado, the trade is on.  Medical Marijuana (MJNA), Hemp Inc. (HEMP), Tranzbyte (ERBB), GrowLife (PHOT), Greengro Technologies (GRNH) and Cannabis Science (CBIS).  Those are the marijuana stocks you can invest in today.

What Stocks to Buy in 2014?

Monopoly Man - Retire Early

A few stocks that could run in 2014.

What to buy after the major indexes have ripped 30%+?  Stick with the best via Apple (AAPL) and take a look at a few stocks under $10 like Nokia (NOK).

Three Big Stocks for 2014

Bullish General Large Pic

iCrap, robots and solar.  That is what will win in 2014.

The line-up consists of Apple (AAPL), iRobot (IRBT) and SunPower (SPWR).  These stocks should gain in 2014.

Mit Romney and Terminators

Coming next month to Netflix.

Netflix (NFLX) is the one stock we wish we all bought this year.  In 2013 the stock has rocketed an incredible 306%.  


Robot Stocks to Buy for 2014

ROM SpaceKnight

Resistance is futile.  Here come the robots.

Making the cut are iRobot (IRBT), Amazon (AMZN), Accuray Incorporated (ARAY) and others.

Trouble for AEO


Set back for American Eagle.

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) had a rough earnings call last week.  Could it be time to re-enter now that it has backed down?

A Sure Shot for a New 52-week High

Apple Inc - All Kinds of Apples

China Mobile will take it to new heights.

Apple Inc (AAPL) hit a new 52-week high today, it was really thanks to the stock finally out of the $580 range.

Sirius is Going to Bounce



This weekend Sirius XM (SIRI) is the cover story on Barron's.  This stock is sure to bounce on Monday thanks to its $3 share price.