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Run with the Bulls, get the HornFinally, today the Dow Jones finished up just 0.15% or +12 points, but we'll take it after six horrible trading sessions.  So if the Bulls do run tomorrow and hopefully into early next week on Obama highs, what's the best way to play it, without letting the bulls get the best of you?

Zoolander - Gas Station FightKnight Transportation’s (Public, NYSE:KNX) stock price has suffered this as of late due to the slowing economy and high fuel costs. Now that gas prices are so cheap we can practically bathe in it, Knight is looking like a good addition to the portfolio. 

2009 Bear Sectors

Days like today make you wish you were shorting a lot of stocks in the market. lists the 2009 bearish sectors: 2009 BEARS --Nevertheless, while it’s clear that from an earnings viewpoint 2009 should be approached with caution, it is also clear that some sectors and countries will do reasonably well, while others have futures that are truly scary.

Michael and Janet Jackson - ScreamUnbelievable. Two months later, Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C) shareholders take it on the chin, shares are now at $4.66 today, down 22%. just quote Michael : Tired of injustice, Tired of the schemes, The lies are disgusting, So what does it mean.  Kicking me down, I got to get up, As jacked as it sounds, The whole system sucks.

Come on Obama Rally! Review the Obama ETFs

Super Obama BrothersWith Obama stepping into Office next week, now is the time to review the Obama ETFsWhy pick stocks?  Go for the whole sectors that Super Obama may help rally, Obama Your Mama.

Gold has got to Comeback

GoldMemberThe Market keeps tanking and as investors reach to find something worth buying, the Masters turn to gold as a speculation play. Gold futures fell today to their lowest level in five weeks, at some point, the trend has to turnaround.  Gold baby Gold!

DAG, Chocolate News, DavidWhat in the hell is going on, are you telling me that Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) earnings and guidance are going to be that bad on Jan 20th?  This mammoth U.S. financial institution sucks that bad? BofA does business with every other American yet its shares are only worth $10 because analysts say they "might" cut their dividend or even fail?  America, have you lost your damn mind?

Is Motorola (MOT) Doomed?

Motorola, Inc.'s (NYSE:MOT) share price has fizzled out since the Motorola Razr’s fall from grace. 

Net Sales were $7.5 billion in the third quarter of 2008, down 15% compared to net sales of $8.8 billion in the third quarter of 2007. Net sales decreased 31% in the Mobile Devices segment, decreased 1% in the Home and Networks Mobility segment and increased 4% in the Enterprise Mobility Solutions segment.

Investing in Algae Stocks: Fuel and Fun

Algae: Fuel and FunAlgae, Algae, Algae.  What stocks can you buy that are Algae Biofuel companies?  Thanks to, we got you covered in algae, going green is so much fun, now you can do it to! With your money and look stupid like the Algae Guy.

No one cares about Alcoa, check this out

Taxes Suck and HelpIt sucks to live in California right now: Calif. Taxpayers Due Refunds May Get IOUs.

If you expect you'll be getting a refund from California when you file your 2008 state income tax return, be prepared: you may instead receive a "registered warrant." Translation: an IOU.