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The U.S. Dollar Sucks AssThe Dollar is in trouble, pretty soon, it will take a garbage can full of U.S. Currency to buy a loaf of bread.  Okay, that's a bit much, but its time to start looking at how to play the falling dollar and how to make money while we are all losing more money on a daily basis.

The top headline on Yahoo Finance today is "Stores cut prices to entice post-holiday shoppers".


Apparently, Retailers are trying something new this year, called an "after Christmas Sale", where they sell excess inventory at discount prices.  

Check out this shocking tell-all artice:

Gold Stocks to Buy in 2009 (AEM, AUY, KGC)

GoldfingerThe U.S. Dollar is going down the tubes, Inflation is coming and everyone thinks the 1st six months in 2009 are going to be a bear market. That's right, the shit is going to continue to hit the fan. It's time to go back to basics, back to Gold and the best Gold Stocks for 2009, they are: AEM, AUY, KGC.

Short Sector ETFs: Hell to the No

Whitney Houston - Hell to the NoUnless you are playing daily swings, the short sector ETFs are victims of volatilty and aren't working for investors who don't have the time, money or risk to day trade.  Be like Whitney and say -- Ah Hell to the No.

Investing in Pawn Shop Stocks

Pawn ShopGet your Pawn on, its how Americans are getting much needed cash in their pockets.  Make sense that you would take a look at the Pawn Shops that are actual Public Companies you can invest in.  Poppin' your Collar all the way to the bank.

BlueLinx Holdings Inc. (Public, NYSE:BXC) is up 127%, not bad for a days work.

So what's going on? It's all thanks to a a repurchase program up to $10 million of the Company's stock over the next 2 years.

Here is more info, courtesy of Globe Newswire:

E*TRADE's Fantastic Voyage to $1.15 a share

Coolio - Fantastic Voyage
If you can't take the heat get yo' ass out the kitchen, E*TRADE's (NASDAQ:ETFC) on a mission, straight to $1 a share. Nothing like a 65% decline in the last 3 months and getting on the TARP handout list, its been a fantastic voyage.

Dolby Labs Showing Terrific Return on Equity

Passing on this article on Dolby Labs from Inside Futures - looks promising: Dolby Laboratories (NYSE:DLB) engages in the development and delivery of products and technologies for the entertainment industry. The company offers products comprising traditional cinema processors, digital cinema products, digital 3D products, digital media adapters, broadcast products, and live sound products, which are used in content creation, distribution, and playback.

Clark and Eddie - Vegas VacationGet ready to lose money fast, faster than you can 'Pick a Number' or play a game of 'War'.  Get ready to play your hand at the 3X Bear & Bull ETFs, you can bet against the U.S. Financials, or for them, and if you win, it pays Triple.  But if you lose, you'll be joining Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie and the 'Rock, Paper, Sissors' table.

Oracle Proves they are Still the One (ORCL)

The Oracle - MatrixOracle (NASDAQ:ORCL) just reported profit flat despite 6% revenue growth and investors took a good look at the stock and decided that it was still The One.  Shares of ORCL are up 3% after hours.