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THUG LIFEIts been a while since the Masters talked up Corrections Corporation of America (NYSE:CXW), back in May we liked them and at today's stock price of less than $2 from their 52-week low at $24 a share, its time to revisit the jailhouse.

Fellow Masters, passing on this great article on Apple (AAPL) from Business Week. Looks like Apple is undervalued to us at current levels, not to mention Christmas season right around the corner:

Superman vs BatmanHow can these guys not get it together?  What a message we send to all the foreign nations with countless millions invested in our corporations and banks, yet alone to the American Taxpayer. 

Give us all a break and agree to act soon, before our bank accounts, 401K's and IRA's go to zero.

We are all on the same side.  We are due for a Bull rally. 

IPO's are now MIA but there's the FFD

The last IPO was on August 25th, Morgan Stanley's Emerging Markets Frontier Fund (NYSE:FFD) and if that's the best the NYSE can do, we're in trouble. The FFD invests in "emerging markets" such as Bangladesh, Kuwait, Lebanon and don't forget Qatar.  So should I just throw my money away or would it be quicker to light it on fire?

Kudos to Chad Brand, the Peridot Capitalist for his latest article regarding widespread recession.  It's all about the Financials these days, and Chad breaks it down.

Caterpillar (CAT) shares worth a look

Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) shares have  fallen 18% over the past 3 months, now hovering in the $65 range.  They managed to pay out a 42 cent dividend in July despite the world economy falling apart.  The company continues to say things are great and they are on course for record sales this year thanks to China and other emerging countries.  So why doesn't the Street care?

Price of GoldThe Masters were on the money last Tuesday when we told you Panic means Buy Gold, Oil, and Mining, those stocks are up BIG TIME thanks to oil charging up $25 today.  Missed the list?  There's still time, here are the players:

Washington Mutual (WM): Anyone, Anyone?

Ben Stein - Anyone, AnyoneLike a scene right out of Ferris Bueller, WaMu (NYSE:WM) can't find a buyer to save its life.  Someone out there wants to buy them, right?  The bigger concern is will they have any customers left by the end of the week, anyone, anyone? Wall Street - The dark theory

Masters - There is no SpoonWhat if the reality is that the US economy has been a lot worse than was thought for a long time, and now the chickens are finally coming home to roost? Are key government statistics have become so optimistically misleading as to become essentially useless?  Maybe there is no spoon?

Hank Paulson"The markets are fragile,'' Paulson said on Fox News today. "We have a serious situation.''  Speaking on NBC's Meet the Press, Hank said, "this is not a position where I like to see the taxpayer, but it is far better than the alternative.'' Good think Hank the Tank is on it.