Current Financial News

Rockband 2Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) stock had a horrible day Friday, dropping 17% and finishing after hours at $23.08 a share.  They lowered their 2009 guidance but its not game over for ERTS yet.

Insider buying at Dover Corp (DOV)

Senior Leadership at Dover Corporation (Public, NYSE:DOV) appear to be pretty confident that share prices are going higher. When you see Directors and VP’s scooping up shares like Rosie O’Donnell devouring a Big Mac, you know something is going right. 

Solar Stocks Jump Up and Get Down Today

House of Pain - Jump AroundHuge gains from the solar stocks today including Evergreen (ESLR), First Solar (FSLR) and more after UBS downgraded several of the players on Tuesday.  Clearly solar stocks came to get down today.

Visa Pleases the Street (V)

Visa, Visa, Visa.  Their Earnings call went well and with shares trading on the cheap, it's time for a serious look.

Everybody Wants Some: Buy or Sell?

Van Halen - Hockey GearStocks are paying an average dividend of about 3%, which is better than the interest on many savings accounts, and stocks are also almost certain to rise over the next couple of decades. On the other hand, wearing Hockey Gear always looks lame if you're not playing the sport.

Bad Prom DateLike a bad prom date, some dudes (or industries) just don't know when to stop or understand the meaning 'No'. Kenneth D. Lewis, chairman, chief executive officer and president of Bank of America will receive American Banker's 2008 Banker of the Year Award.  Get ready for the Party.

Visa (V) and Mastercard (MA): Bring it On

GoodfellasThe Masters have been thinking about these two power house stocks lately, they have been beat with an ugly stick and then some, both stocks are way down on their luck.  But as points out - Visa, MasterCard Can Tough This Out

Almost time to Buy Boeing (BA)

Its about time, The Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA)and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers reached tentative agreement on a new four-year contract late Monday.  If they can agree, sign it and move on to making planes, its time to take a chance on BA shares.

Gordon GekkoJapan's 26-year low will shake the conventional investing wisdom to its crumbling foundation. Investing for the long term is one thing. Investing for a long-term that might have to defined as "many decades" is another. We are not aware of any other developed country stock market that has traded at less than one-fifth of its peak value after 26 years. We hope we never see one again. To put that in a horribly familar context, the equivalent in our market would be DOW 2,800 in 2034.

Steve Kroft reports, essentially they are side bets on the performance of the U.S. mortgage markets and the solvency on some of the biggest financial institutions in the world. It's a form of legalized gambling that allows you to wager on financial outcomes without ever having to actually buy the stocks and bonds and mortgages.