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Biggest Loser of the Day: Rock of Ages Corp.

Rock of Ages Corporation (NASDAQ:ROAC) shares are down 20% today, now trading under $2 and despite the company being around since 1885, I can't get past the name.  Que the tight white pants, freshen up your mullet, and let's get to it. 

Wow didn't see this one coming, home prices are now undervalued? Here is the Marketwatch article:

Prices fall in 241 metro areas in third quarter, and are likely to fall further

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The U.S. housing market is now slightly undervalued after rapid price declines have overshot fundamentals, economists for IHS Global Insight said Wednesday.

Airplane the MovieOPEC is scared, oil keeps dropping, and there's only one thing to buy besides the DUG.  The Airline Stocks.  Yes, the horrible never-hit-a-profit Airline sector but have to stay in business.  Its time to Fly and Buy!

Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) shares were $16.25 on Friday, closing today at $12.85?  Really? Half of U.S. families do business with BofA, really. Yet investors have lost faith and dropped shares 20% today, really??!

$3.9 Trillion Was a Drop in the Bucket

Passing on this article from the Motley Fool, this is crazy:

Ice Cube - Kill at WillAnother crap day on the market and despite the kick off to the online shopping season known as Cyber Monday, the big online stocks all got jacked. So, what to do, buy on weakness or kick them to the curb? (OSTK, EBAY, AMZN, SHLD)

If the Media says Buy, then Buy

Investors will be watching reports from the nation's biggest stores, along with economic data such as November's payroll report, to determine how deeply the nation's economic downturn has cut into spending. A more complete sales picture of how the Thanksgiving weekend fared won't be known until Thursday, when the nation's retailers report November same-store sales, so get out there and buy useless crap.

Do the exact opposite of Schaeffer

Bernie Schaeffer of Schaeffer's research was on the nightly business report on Friday, and he must have been free-basing crack cocaine before the show. I just think this is horrible, high-risk advice to give at this time. It wouldn't be that bad if he wasn't recommending 5 and 7 month options. Here is the transcript from the show, you be the judge:


Bullish (Bull Market)Well-regarded short-seller James Montier has "Never Been More Bullish" according to Bloomberg.  So what is he buying? Let's review his shopping list.

Chyna DollThis week, trading of ishares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 (NYSE:FXI) Calls have been picking up steam.  Place your bets, China could be set for a comeback and its going to be more than 1 Night in China.