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Why Electronic Arts (ERTS)? Tons of Reasons

Electronic Arts RULESEA Sports Active for Wii, Madden NFL 09, My Sims, SPORE, Mercenaries 2, Left 4 Dead, Need for Speed Undercover, Lord of the Rings Conquest, NCAA Football 09, FIFA 09, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, Trivial Pursuit, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space, The Sims 2 Mansion, Warhammer Online, MTV Games and Harmonix Rock Band. Do you need another?



Will Sturm, Ruger & Company have a good Q4?

Sturm, Ruger & Company (Public, NYSE:RGR), who primarily designs, manufactures and sells firearms to domestic consumers in the US, could be a prime target for your portfolio. The reason? Since the November elections, gun sales are up a massive 100-200%. Weapons dealers in much of the United States are reporting sharply higher sales since Barack Obama won the presidency a week ago.

Here comes the PainA must read article on puts the smack down on General Electric (NYSE:GE) shares, and another one from isn't going to help shareholders come tomorrow or the foreseeable future.  GE shares get ready to battle the media.


The stock market's behavior is downright strange lately. Professionals with decades of market experience scratch their heads as the market falls to its lowest point of the year, then surges almost 7% in an afternoon—all for no apparent reason.

What's hanging over the stock market these days is uncertainty.

BusinessWeek asked stock market experts to identify the biggest unknowns facing investors. These factors will be crucial to clearing up a foggy outlook. Unfortunately, it could take months—if not years—to resolve them.

Can the Market get back to Gettin Up?

Q-Tip - Gettin UpNo one has a clue to what the market will do this week and after the G20 summit meeting that promises more smoke and mirrors at least there's one guy who just put out a sane message -- Q-Tip.

Warren the PimpAmerican Express Company (NYSE:AXP) shares are down 50% in the last 3 months and trading under $20 a share.  Why care?  First off, Berkshire Hathaway is its largest stockholder with 151 million, or 13%, of AXP shares. Barron's says "Berkshire's stake suggests the company's stock may be near a bottom".

World Beer Sales Down: Short Beer Makers

Homer BeerWorld Beer sales are slipping, and dudes like Homer are drinking less.  That means beer companies are going to be making less money in 2009, so let's get drunk and short them all.

More Dark Side Ideas: Oil Stocks

Darth Vader ChokeGreat rally today, but before you go thinking oil is making a comeback, think again. 

Oil prices have already been cut in half since the summer and consider all of those oil related companies that will be reporting bleek profits.  Get ready for the force grip to grab onto oil services, oil sands, and the biggest of the oil companies. 

You don't know the Power of the Dark Side.


Did you join the Dark Side yet?

Stocks mentioned: Hewlett-Packard Company (Public, NYSE:HPQ), Bankrate, Inc.  (Public, NASDAQ:RATE)


Back in September, I wrote a couple of articles about joining the Dark Side and taking up a short position. For those of you who joined the Evil Sith Lord Shorters, you made out pretty good over the last couple of months. A 96.30% average gain is nothing to scoff at. Here is a recap of my recommendations – plus 2 more stocks to help you join the Dark Side:

Have we Found the Bottom Yet?

Ben Stien theStockMasters.comAnyone, Anyone?  The DOW is almost below 8,000 so have we finally hit bottom?  Where will stocks go from here? And why does America still care about Sarah Palin? These questions and more, in this article, Mastery Style.