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It looks like it’s time to change the name of ourbankrupt country from the United States of America to the United States of Broke-Town, population 200 million.

On November 10, 2008, the Federal Reserve conducted an auction of $150 billion in 17-day credit through its Term Auction Facility. This was a forward auction designed to provide term funding over year-end--the awarded loans will settle on December 22, 2008. Following are the results of the auction: Total propositions accepted: $12.629 billion

Giggity Giggity Google: Time to Buy (GOOG)

Giggity Giggity Google - Glen QuagmireGoogle Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) shares are at new low today but analysts and even Jim Cramer himself are going to bat for the case to buy Google shares on the cheap.  Que Quagmire...

Oil prices dropped below $57 a barrel

Oil prices dropped below $57 a barrel Wednesday as a Bank of England warning about the risk of deflation stoked fears of stagnating global growth.

Light, sweet crude for December delivery was down $2.49 at $56.85 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Oil prices have plunged more than 60 percent in four months, falling from a record $147.27 in July

Phil Flynn, an analyst at Alaron Trading Corp., said London's expectation that inflation will fall below its target of 2 percent next year plays into a strong dollar; when a country's inflation rate falls, it is less likely Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE:LVS) shares are about to take a hit, thanks to its new offering at $5.50 a share.  Keep in mind shares before they were halted were at $8. They aren't Leaving Las Vegas but at what price Time for a drink.

Expedia Inc (EXPE) Below $10?

The stock market is in free-fall right now - but there are a lot of bargain stocks that look too good to pass up. Expedia, Inc.  (Public, NASDAQ:EXPE) is one that caught my eye.

Think about it like this, if you saw Scarlett Johansen bloody and beaten on the side of the road, you’d still want to take her home and nurse her back to health, because after the blood is washed and the wounds are healed, she’s going to be drop-dead hot like she always was.

Expedia is trading at just 7.94 time 2008 earnings and 6.5 times 2009 earnings. The travel industry is literally beaten and bloody, laying in a gutter, and choking on its own vomit right now. In spite of that, like my analogy above, it’s not going to be that way forever.



A new Obama stock article is published every 15 minutes, here's yet another one, this time some picks from Barron's endorsed by 

General Motors (NYSE:GM) just doesn't get it, check out their new 2009 Hummers, cut & pasted right from their website, aren't those prices just lovely, how about the gas mileage?

GM's 2009 Hummers - Expensive POS

Only 1.2 million Jobs Lost YTD, Nice

Shotgun a Beer FridayThe government reported more grim news about the economy today, saying employers cut 240,000 jobs in October - bringing the year's total job losses to nearly 1.2 million, that takes Unemployment to 6.5%.  The only cure?  Shotgun a Miller Lite.

Hippies Run Whole FoodsCut/Paste from their call yesterday - "Maybe the important point to make here is that, Whole Foods Markets (NASDAQ:wfmi) still considers itself a growth company and we are still producing excellent operating cash flow. We are intending to continue to growth even in this downturn, but just at a more measured pays and a more prudent way." Sure dudes.

The economy is flailing, but Southwest Airlines Co.  (Public, NYSE:LUV) recently reported a there_will_be_blood2.9% traffic increase in October. Oil is way down to $66 a barrel, and Southwest is starting to look tempting.  Or is it?


There will be blood (in this article):

You see, I'm an oilman, fellow stockmasters. I have numerous concerns spread across this state. I have many wells flowing at many thousand barrels per day. I like to think of myself as an oilman. As an oilman, I hope that you'll forgive just good old fashioned plain-speaking.