Current Financial News

Gustav gathered force and slammed into Cuba as a Category 4 hurricane Saturday, giving oil bears and stock market bulls cause for concern. Monday's trading should be out-of-control.

Mixed Bag, UUP or Cash

On a day like this, sometimes its best to just clear the portfolio and take a breather.  With Auto Sales set to report next Tuesday along with a bunch of other crap that could bring the market to its knees, why risk it? Despite the Debbie Downer U.S. economy, the Bullish dollar, aka. PowerShares DB U.S. Dollar Index Bullish (AMEX:UUP) looks good.

Via the, James Cullen ponders is Warren Buffett Buying more American Express (NYSE:AXP) shares?

As we mentioned last Friday, Should the Market Rally, play High Short Interest Stocks (UA, NFLX, URBN).  Today that was the case for the best of that short list we put together with Under Armour (NYSE:UA) moving 8% since Tuesday's dip to $30.66.

Sears Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ:SHLD) shares are holding their own today, up 4.5% after reporting net income fell 62%. Not a surprise but full-year profit may decline as the U.S. economic slump persists, which makes the 57% Short Float for SHLD extra special.

TiVo: Despite weak outlook, shares rise

One thing Americans can't live without is TV, DVR, and of course TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ:TIVO).  Shares of TIVO are up 5% today, and despite the weak outlook their 3.6 million subscribers, compared with 4.2 million a year ago keep the money coming in.

Interesting article today on about the impact of rising Corn prices due to the increase demand for food and ethanol. As a result, some farmers in Mexico are abandoning the blue agave plant in order to grow corn.

Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (NASDAQ:MRVL) reports Q2 earnings tomorrow (8/28) after the close but got a kick in the pants downgrade from Jefferies & Co yesterday.  The result sent shares down 10% this week and with mixed analyst reviews, who do you believe?

Citi says Buy (CRM), Really?

Yesterday Citigroup went to bat for (NYSE:CRM) setting a $70 target price and a 'Buy' rating.  Will corporate America during these tough times keep buying their software and services to send CRM shares to the promise land?  Seems a bit much.

Game over for Cell Genesys, Inc. (NASDAQ:CEGE), they have stopped a late-stage trial of its prostate cancer therapy, GVAX, after 20 more deaths.  Now all hopes rest on Dendreon (DNDN).