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We all hear about how bad Las Vegas is doing but if your money is invested there I'm sure you feel even worse.  The Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:LVS) is down 20% today trading in the $6 range and its competitors aren't doing much better.  Feel like hitting the bottle yet?

5 Stocks to Buy if Obama Wins

Chocolate NewsSA ran this story a month ago, the stocks the author listed were: ACN, ENER, GE, ICLR, LDK.  However what's more important to think about is 'what do you think is best to buy should Obama win?'  And for a less serious thought, David Alan Grier and his 2 cents on the Presidential race.

Digging way back into the Stockmastery archives, I wrote an article entitled AK Steel Holding  Corporation (AKS) - Acquisition target? I guess I was wrong about the Acquisition happening at the time. What I wasn’t wrong about was the value of AK Steel (Public, NYSE:AKS). The stock rose from $14 in 2006 all the way to $73.07 in May of 2008. That’s a 421% gain in just 2 years. Then in late June of this year, the stock completely lost it like Scotty Nyugen at the WSOP in the $50k HORSE Championship. The stock is currently trading back down at the $10 level.

Great story on about the impact of more hedge funds closing, the answer for you?  Cash is King.

Sony shares hit $20 today (SNE)

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) got all the way down to $20.46 a share and they just cut their profit forecast 57% citing a firmer yen and slower demand for their TV's and digital cameras.  So how much lower can shares go? shares whacked 13% for their Outlook

Nancy MY KNEE!!!Take that (NASDAQ:AMZN), these days since FEAR drives the market, if your guidance isn't good enough (although this does not apply to Apple Inc (AAPL) today) you get Nancy Kerrigan'd to the knees.

Our Economy should be fine, Bush is on it

President Bush has invited the leaders of 20 nations to come to Washington on Nov. 15th for an international summit meeting on the economy, the White House said Wednesday.  Ah, that makes me feel better.

The DOW down 500 points, 401(k) Fun

Another stellar day of investing and less in your 401(k), this sums it up:


Rock Out with Yahoo! (YHOO)

QUIET RIOTGet ready after the bell for Yahoo Inc.'s (NASDAQ:YHOO) earnings call. Yahoo shares dropped to a new 5 1/2-year low of $11.37 last week and closed Monday at $12.86, well below Microsoft's last bid of $33 in May.  Get ready to either jump for joy or bang your head.

Boeing reports earnings tomorrow (10/20)

Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) shares have fallen 50% in this past year, their ongoing strike is costing them $100 million or more per day in deferred revenue, and now shareholders have to worry about another earnings call?