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CEO Michael Dell just threw down some serious coin last week buying Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) shares at the end of the week to tune of $99.9 million. Should you be buying too?

Dell shares have taken a huge hit lately, down 24% since August 28th after reporting Q2 profit fell 17%.

McDonald's is Unstoppable (MCD)

Eating McDonald's like a ChampThe Masters have recommended McDonald's Corporation (NYSE:MCD) time and time again, all the way back to January 2007 when we set a $50 price target for the year. Today shares are at $63 thanks to same-store sales up 8% last month.

Gold continues to get Killed

Price of GoldEven factoring in recent declines, gold’s price has still managed to double since the start of 2005. But since the recent rally of the U.S. Dollar, Gold prices continue to fall.  The PowerShares US Dollar (AMEX:UUP) is up 7.5% since we recommended it last month, so what's next?

Sure, the market is up today - but if you think the market is going bull any time soon, it’s time to put down the crack pipe. Next, reduce your long holdings, and finally, it’s time to take the plunge to the Dark Side with a Short Position.

Here are 3 stocks that should continue to fall during the Bear Market:

Unbelievable. UAL Corp.'s (NASDAQ:UAUA) share price fell all the way to 1 Cent today after the Chicago Tribune reprinted a 4-year old story about the company declaring bankruptcy. Yea, someone will be getting canned there today, damn submit button.

WaMu (WM) down to $3.60, Kerry you're Fired

Donald Trump - You're FiredThe mess that is Washington Mutual, Inc. (NYSE:WM) continues to be hit today, shares of WM are down 15% back down to the $3 level. Like the Masters said back in October 07, your days may be numbered as CEO Kerry, people are pissed.

So this is where our Tax Dollars go

U.S. Losses on Fannie, Freddie May Be $300 Billion, Poole Says

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Barry's Summary: Fannie & Freddie Bailout

Barry's got everything you need to know about the Fannie and Freddie news, here's the roundup on Barry's Big Anytime the government obtains authority to do something -- go to war, spend money on bailouts -- it is identical to actually authorizing the act. Meaning that yes, it will eventually occur.

Think last week was bad, just wait for Monday. The details of the deal have not fully emerged, but it appears that investors who own the companies’ common stock (FNM and FRE) will be virtually wiped out; preferred shareholders, who have priority over other shareholders, may also wind up with little.

Spidey SenseI got some hate and friendly emails this week asking me did I buy any stocks this week and how did I know to be 100% Cash last Friday.  Besides the normal Spidey-Sense and watching the market like a hawk, let's get into what I did and why.