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Google World DominationIf the Internet is the future and SEARCH is everything, Google wins, hands down.  There's only one stock I could consider buying at its 52-week low, that stock is Google Inc.  (NASDAQ:GOOG), today trading in the $360 range.

Barry Rules: Contrary Cramer Buy Call ?

Cramer says Sell today, if that's not a sign to be Buying, then maybe we should all shop at Wal-Mart:


The Market: A Big Case of the Monday's

The DOW is below 10,000.  Super.  Sounds like someone, has a case of the Monday's.

I'm sure you've read every horrible article by now, add to the list, its a Global Selloff.

60 Minutes: Impact of Credit Default Swaps

This is mandatory viewing or reading, Masters take note:



Dumb and DumberTGIF and the news just keeps getting better.  Sticking with Friday's Dumb and Dumber theme, we turn to Harry and Lloyd to make sense of the economy, unemployment and of course Jedi Mastery. Oh, and U.S. year-to-date job losses hit 760,000.

Dumb and DumberOh no, if Steve Jobs can't run Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) you should sell your shares today?  But if he's fine, Buy, Buy, Buy!  American investors should take some notes from Harry and Llyod, maybe they can run the country, it can't hurt at this point.

Trading Spaces - MurphyWe touched briefly on this last week in Hedge Funds will be hitting the 'CASH OUT' buttonNow that Q3 is done, how many clients will be pulling their funds from hedge funds? According to industry outfit hedge fund research, up to 2000 hedge funds can be expected to be liquidated in the coming months. Corner the Market while you can.

True Religion Jeans - $341 JeansHow is this possible? True Religion Apparel, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRLG) shares are actually up 16 YTD, and over the last year shares have climbed 46%.  Despite how good things have been for them (including International sales) how can this company expect to thrive when their 'featured products' cost this much?


Trailer Park FunThe DOW is already down 200 points, fun is fun. The number of out-of-work Americans filing new claims for unemployment insurance rose last week to a 7-year high, according to a government report released Thursday.  Long live the Trailer Parks, here we come!

Warren Pimps GE with $3 Billion (GE)

Warren Buffett General Electric (GE)Just like that, General Electric Co. (NYSE:GE) gets $3 Billion from the Oracle and GE will also sell $12 billion in common stock to the public. Berkshire also received warrants to buy $3 billion worth of common shares at $22.25 each over five years.  Buffett is Big Pimping.