Current Financial News

DIG DUG OILCNNMoney says this crap: With experts predicting a global economic slowdown oil prices could fall to $60 a barrel, or lower.  So what's your play?  Short DIG and Long DUG.  The UltraShort Oil & Gas ProShares (AMEX:DUG) is up 64% this week alone!

CATI find this hard to believe but Caterpillar Inc (NYSE:CAT) shares are down 49.3% since May 7th, now trading at $41 and change.  This week despite the massive selloff CAT announced they would still pay the quarterly cash dividend of 42 cents per share on November 20, 2008, to stockholders of record at the close of business October 20, 2008. 

Las Vegas Sands (LVS) now at $14 a share

Swingers MovieThe Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE:LVS) shares have fallen 86% since the start of the year and 66% in the last month.  LVS and other Vegas stocks are starting to sound like the next Lehman or WaMu.  MGM Mirage (NYSE:MGM) is at $14 a share as wellIs it over for Vegas?

How about closing the Stock Exchanges?

Bush, FEARAt this point, why not?  Bush told us we should "have confidence in the future of the markets and the economy", yet the Dow touched 7,882 before coming back to 8,222.  Another 300+ day loss, this shit has got to stop. Buy the Banks and close the exchanges if necessary.

Make it Stop, buy the Banks Already

Almost another 700 point loss for the Dow, again!  The U.S. Government is thinking about stealing a move right out of the European Save the Nation playbookBuy the Banks.  Something has to be done plus if the government makes money, kick some back to us taxpayers.  Move people Move!

Stop the Fear, Stop the Media, 401k Blues

Homer, My 401K DOH!!Enough is enough.  By now I'm sure you all know that U.S. 401(k) losses have hit $2 trillion in the past 15 months.  Everyone is freaked out, selling their stocks, hidding money under the mattress, blah, blah, blah.  Take a breath, stop reading the news, and stop being afraid.

Fellow Masters, today's headlines aren't any better:

Howard Stern and Sirius RadioGood Lord, that merger really paid off, today Sirius XM Radio Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI) shares are at 47 Cents USD, wow.  I'm sure Howard Stern is loving the moment and glad he switched over to satellite radio.  So is there any hope for shareholders, how about the company?

Vegas vs. Wall Street Odds: I pick Vegas

VegasYet another horrible day, which brings to mind just gambling away your savings at the 21 table.  It can be a fine line between investing and gambling. But in Las Vegas, you know the odds. On Wall Street, that's not always the case. Especially when it comes to the $62 trillion market in arcane financial contracts known as "credit default swaps."

Words of Wisdom from Chad Brand

History tends to repeat itself. The economy and the stock market are no different. We have had, and will continue to have, economic expansions followed by recessions. To give you an idea of what to expect, consider the last recession. Let the Finger Pointing Begin

CNNMoney.comEntertaining video on the current crisis and yet another crap day on the market.  The Dow finishes the day down 189 points after being up over 180 points just an hour before the close.  Ridiculous.