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OPEC Baby Pants moves up Meeting

I want my $2 - Better Off DeadOPEC is moving up their meeting to Oct 24th because they don't want to lose any more money.  Exactly why the DUG makes so much sense, because for the OPEC bullies, they want their $2 dollars.

Oil stocks are getting crushed, we talked this up last Friday.  Sure Monday the UltraShort Oil & Gas ProShares (AMEX:DUG) fell, but if you bought on Tuesday you'd already be up 44%+, that's what we call a...


Google (GOOG) could rally the market

But if Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) can't beat the street, look out below.  Just about all of us at the Masters have owned GOOG at one time, now its trading near $300 and its 52-week low.  The earnings call comes after the closing bell, so do you have the guts to buy before the call?

Remember Visa (V)?

Visa (NYSE:V) holds the title for largest IPO ever, surpassing the $11 billion record held by AT&T (T).  Shares of Visa ran from the start, all the way up to $89 in less than 3 months.  Today, the shares have pulled back, way back, trading at just levels not seen since the IPO at $50 a share.

The Black SwanInvestors advised by "Black Swan'' author Nassim Taleb are up 50%+ this year.  The secret? Buying out-of-the-money options on puts and calls. Taleb's outlook: We would like society to lock up quantitative risk managers before they cause more damage.

Dirty HarryAnalysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expect Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) to report income of $4.79 per share on $4.05 billion in revenue.  Is that really reasonable?  There's a reason why Google doesn't give a guidance and Wall Street always expects too much from them, so when will this change? Why are the analysts allowed to be the Dirty Harry's of speculation, with no regulation?

Masters, passing on a great article from Why The Price Dividend Ratio Is Better Than PE Ratio. We were trading at a higher PE ratio as early as last year, than the top in 1929 but dividends have increased a healthy 11.7% from a year ago.

The Highlander - There Can be Only OneWe've been waiting for this news, and we wrote about these two badly beaten ETF's that rip when the Banks do the same back on Sept 19th. We were early to the party with these ETF's, but now is the time.

900 Points = House Party

House Party - Kid n PlayWhat a day, you could have owned any crap stock before today's rally and still been a happy player after today's 900+ Dow run. Can you believe it? Today was the biggest single-day stock rally since the Great Depression.

Go DUG, Opec worried about losing Money

Opec, the oil exporting countries' cartel, called an emergency meeting to discuss reducing its crude production to halt the collapse in prices .The cartel, which controls 40 per cent of the world's oil output, said in an unusually frank statement that it was concerned about the "deteriorating economic conditions with contagion risks" and will meet in four weeks to tackle the problem. Long live the UltraShort Oil & Gas ProShares (AMEX:DUG)