Current Financial News

Gold (AUY) and Oil (SU)

Over the weekend I wrote that Suncor Energy (NYSE:SU) was looking good, that stock is up 15% since Monday.  The Masters and Flav have been pimping gold since it dove under $800. Yamana (NYSE:AUY) is up 11% over the last 5 days, Oil and Gold people, the end.

Sony (SNE) to launch new PSP just in time

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) shares have fallen all the way back within $1 of their 52-week low.  The new PSP which goes on sale in October couldn't have come at a better time to help SNE shares.

College AnalystsJames Cullen at the is up 9% YTD.  James is the author of the JRC Stock Reports at and his recent article reviews his recent holdings and why he's doing well.


Western Union (WU): still trending upwards

Back in June I wrote an article entitled Western Union (NYSE:WU) is gaining. The stock, which was trading around $24 at the time, has risen 4 points to $28 for a 15% gain. Not a bad gain for 2 months.

Let’s take a look at the recent news on the stock and see if it’s time to hold, sell, or double down.

The Gold Watch: Yamana and Goldcorp

Price of GoldRBC Capital Markets out with some bullish ratings on Yamana Gold Inc. (NYSE:AUY) and Goldcorp (NYSE:GG).  Gold is down this morning to just above $800, yet the analysts are getting on board

Classic LL Cool J - RadioHow's that for a headline, both statements valid.  Besides the huge short interest in Sears Holdings (NASDAQ:SHLD) shares, there's an exclusive LL Cool J “collection of casualwear for juniors, young men’s, girls and boys” coming right in time for back to school.  Going back to Cali?  Going back to School?  I don't think so.

The Great Lobster Mystery

Another down day in the market - here's an interesting read on Lobster, courtesy of Slate: Food prices are soaring -- so why are prices for the delicious crustacean falling?

Back to Gold? Ask the Flav

Flav likes goldGold is all over the place, up, down, and almost as risky as calling 911 and getting help.  Hold up, who knows more about gold teeth and fashion and 911 being a joke in your town?  There's not a minute to spare.

SanDisk (SNDK) takeover rumors cause pain

Can it get any worse for SanDisk Corp. (NASDAQ:SNDK) shareholders?  Today analysts slammed rumors of a takeover by hard-drive maker Seagate Technology and brought shares less than $3 from their 52-week low closing at $15.84 a share.

Trouble Ahead: Forgetaboutit

Inflation, tightening lending standards, falling U.S. home prices, and Lehman Brothers (NYSE:LEH) running out of money and embarrassing even Sopranos style management -- where do you put your portfolio?