Kim Kardashian actually nude in PAPER

Kim Naked PAPER


Not safe for work in the slightest gentelmen. Kim Kardashian beared it all for PAPER.  Jesus C.  Enjoy the pictures I guess.

NightCrawler comes out on Halloween


This movie looks dope.

If you haven't noticed, Jake Gyllenhaal has been making some awesome movies. Donnie Darko, Bubble Boy, Jarhead, Source Code, Zodiac - the list goes on and on.

Best GIF of the Day: Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice at the Table animated GIF


Enjoy fellow Masters. Some rad animated GIFs from Beetlejuice to get you in the flavor for Halloween 2014.

Steven Seagal Shooting Kids

Watch out, it's Steven Seagal!

Thank you internets.  FunnyOrDie had this first. We had to repost as we are long time Seagal fans.

Lock up your kids, its Steven Seagal!!!

New Star Trek Shenanigans

Star Trek Underwear Scene

Oh boy.

Sexy FROZEN Movie Costumes, Really?

Frozen Sexy

Trick or Treat Indeed

Fan of the Disney movie "Frozen" and also a grownup who likes dressing in sexy Halloween costumes, look no further.  Olaf is by far the best costume.

BoJack Horseman

Will Arnet is on his A-Game and then some.

Now available on Netflix streaming is the Netflix original comedy series 'BoJack Horseman'. It gets better wich each episode.

Sleep More by Less Booze

Dennis IASP

Don't be Dennis. 

Just don't act like Dennis.  You don't have to finish all the shots.

I got mail, yaaaaaay

Special Ed - Crank Yankers

I got mail, yaaaaaay


Han Solo Girlfriend

Thanks to the full Cantina scene we meet Jenny.

The original cantina scene from the 1st Star Wars (Ep. 4 New Hope) is now on the internets.  Turns out Han Solo has a lady friend snuggled up next to him before Luke and Obi-Wan sit down. All the glory of the internets.