Nicki Minaj Anaconda GIF Booty

Good Lord.

Nicki's new video is out and the internets is a buzz with new booty shaking GIFs.  We are right on board with that.

Pam Smart back in the Spotlight

Pamela Smart

Sex, drugs, manipulation -- murder.

HBO has a compeling documentary worth your time, Captivated The Trials of Pamela Smart.  Two decades later the interview Pam, court footage and the major players.

DC Comic Movies in the Pipeline

Justice League Movie Fan Art by Jo7a

An update on what is coming from DC.

It was leaked a while back that up to 2018 DC Comics would include the following movies: Shazam, Sandman, Justice League, Wonder Woman, Flash/Green Lantern, Man of Steel 2.

Olivia Boob Feeding Breast

Breastfeeding gone wild!

Jesus people, really get excited about this photo? Don't share the same must see reaction but for those that care, here is the photo blown-up.


UPDATE: Best Summer Movies for 2014

Nebula Dope Blue Person

Forget our last installment, we've added 2 more must see films.

The last time we talked summer movies the best movie of our generation was not released.  

Could this be Sharknado 3

Nic Cage Sharknado

Ready for another bite?

Sharknado 2 was a huge success and a third installment is already in the works.  The best possible idea for a Sharknado 3 could star one of our favorite actors.

World Cup Fan Girl

The World Cup may be over but its fans are worth reviewing.

Sure Germany won the 2014 World Cup and Brazil was crucified.  But at this point, who cares?  All we care about are the cutest fans that were in attendance.

Foo Fighters

And they have a new HBO series coming out to boot.

It's been 4 years since the Foos have released an album, and this one is promising to be different than anything they have ever done before.

New Mad Max Trailer Looks Dope

Max Mad New Movie

Finally a movie re-launch from the 80's does it right.

Tom Hardy has done the role proud.  The initial footage released at Comic-Con 2014 is bad ass.  

Whale and Plane almost Collide (Video)

Jaws 3D

You have to see it to believe it.

Last week a humpback whale and a pantoon plane almost collided.  The seaplane came within inches of landing on the whale as it breached.