South Park Bank - Stan and Stan's DadOutstanding South Park this last week when Stan takes his $100 check and makes an investment into South Park Bank. Annndd it's gone.  South Park explains what happened to our economy, how it should be respected and what's for dinner on our reduced budgets: sliced hot dogs and tomato slices.

Forget trying to figure out how we got in the mess, cue Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, Samuel Jackson, Forrest Whitaker and even Ron Howard, yes, the Ron Howard.

Blame it on the Alcohol AIG

Colbert ReportIt's the end of the world as we know it, maybe, according to Glenn Beck. Colbert is money in the bank, talking about how in the year 2012 the Dow Jones goes under 1,000.  Yet another great  week for our portfolio's and 401(k)'s, enjoy the video.

A Glitch in the Matrix - Dave and Prime Minister - Flight of the ConchordsThe Dow Jones is fine, so is the S&P, everything is great, maybe we are all just apart of a giant battery, and we are in the MatrixDo you believe in the Matrix?  The Market is going to shit, watch this clip, it will help.

Family Guy Puke-a-ThonFamily Guy Puke-A-Thon, who wants Chowder?

Happy Friday, another week closed in the trading books, enjoy the weekend and the video.


Obama DancingTake a break from the market and watch this clip. President Obama hit the dance floor at one of the many inaugural balls he attended last night and let loose just a little bit.

Bust A Move Barack.

I Have A Dream: MLK Day in New York City

Obama & MLKToday is a day to remember, I Have A Dream: MLK Day in New York City.  Congrats to Obama.  Enjoy the video and Best Wishes.

The Onion - I am the Law Fight/ArgumentGood Lord, this is so damn funny, its a crime not to watch it.  Some harsh language in this report on the Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass' but its great. 
The "I am the Law" argument is money in the bank. Take a break from the market and enjoy:

Songs from the Crystal Cave coverYou may have missed Steven Seagal, the reincarnated Tulku's greatest achievement as an entertainer.  Songs from the Crystal Cave was released in 2005, the "album" (said with both hands doing a quote, end quote motion) by Seagal credited with "Lead Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar".  Enjoy.

Sarah has a useless article out today, a sign of the times as online newspapers compete for headlines and page views, Is Caroline Kennedy like Sarah Palin?

The quick and dirty on the story: Who gives a Shit?