Songs from the Crystal Cave coverYou may have missed Steven Seagal, the reincarnated Tulku's greatest achievement as an entertainer.  Songs from the Crystal Cave was released in 2005, the "album" (said with both hands doing a quote, end quote motion) by Seagal credited with "Lead Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar".  Enjoy.

Sarah has a useless article out today, a sign of the times as online newspapers compete for headlines and page views, Is Caroline Kennedy like Sarah Palin?

The quick and dirty on the story: Who gives a Shit?

MadoffFleece.jpgThis has got to be the perfect bit of Madoff merchandise. Bernie Madoff allegedly fleeced investors for tens of billions of dollars, and now you can buy a Madoff Securities fleece.

Lamest Term of the Week: "Car Czar"

I mean really, we all get what the 'Car Czar' will be the federal official to lord over the U.S Auto Industry, but coin a better title for crying out loud.  'Auto Pimp', 'Car King', 'Grease Monkey Guy', or whatever, but 'Car Czar'? come on.

Drew - Office Space (Aquaman)There's no point on trying to piece it together, the guys saying 'it's priced in', 'baked in' or whatever can't explain it. It's a glum outlook and once reality sets in, it can get very dangerous holding securities.  But hey, its Friday and we all can agree, this place sucks.  Enjoy the clip:

Scott MalkinsonHaven't we all had and heard enough about TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program),  BusinessWeek had to go ahead and put together a brilliant article today titled, Is TARP Really a TRAP?  The Masters response is even more important, is Scott Malkinson really Scott Malkinson?

Bored_Web_surfingHappy Friday - now that the election is over, what are you going to do with yourself? Here are some tips, courtesy of

Celebrate Good Obama, come on.  Its Obama, Obama...


Brilliant words from the Fly at - Do not think, for one second, any of those asshats will risk tanking the stock market and the economy, while most economists say such a plan is needed.

Jack Bauer to police Wall Street

JACK BAUER, WALL STREET ENFORCEREx-Bear Stearns Fund Managers Arrested by FBI Agents and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson pushing for new powers for the Federal Reserve...what's next?  There's only one answer.  Promote a badass to get everything under control, the answer?

Jack Bauer.