lego steve jobs iphoneTechCrunch's Alex Ahlund wrote a story about the 35 best apps (applications) for Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone this week at the Washington Post.  Needless to say is causing quite a stir and is free advertising for Apple and the iPhone (like they need any).  Oh, and that list, we got that here as well and you won't have to click thru 10 pages to read the list, how about just one page with all 35 apps.

The Fly - Beware of the $100 Tomato

killer tomatoes Via -- Before I leave, I want to share a few thoughts, regarding the recent run in commodities. Despite tepid demand, commodity prices keep going higher, with sugar at 26 years highs and copper at an egregious 10 month peak. Oil is above $70, despite a severe global downturn, which begs the question: is somebody trying to sell me a $100 tomato?

It's Friday, kick back and enjoy this article courtesy of KFC

WASHINGTON—Issuing a condemnation of Kentucky Fried Chicken's recent Boneless Variety Bucket commercials, the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday fined the fast food giant $600,000 and ordered it to discontinue all broadcasts containing "false and misleading suggestions" that its heated chicken products are intended for consumption.

KFC's new FCC-approved commercial campaign for the classic 16-piece bucket.

Daft Punk's Song for Tron Legacy (TRON 2)

Daft Punk Tron LegacyContinuing on our Tron Legacy news, Daft Punk's theme song for the new Tron movie has hit the net.  Of course the group has yet to confirm but we've got it here for your listening enjoyment.  End of Line. 

Tron Legacy (TRON 2) Wallpaper

TRON LEGACY wallpaperSearching for Tron Legacy or Tron 2 wallpapers that appear to related to the latest 2010 or 2011 film release?  Welcome to the club, we scoured the net and have compiled the best wallpapers for 'TRON LEGACY' we could find, enjoy the collection.

TRON LEGACYTotally unrelated to finance but dope as hell, the Masters are all about the new TRON movie, with Jeff Bridges returning to the role of 'Flynn'.  Enjoy the High Def trailer featuring Bridges and the new light cycles.

High-Frequency Trading with the MCP

The MCP (Master Control Program) from TRON MCP TRONis making high-frequency trades transmiting millions of orders at lightning speed and raking in billions at everyone else’s expense.  So this is the latest conspiracy theory as to why our portfolios have lost so much, blah, blah, blah.  Next thing you know when you submit your trade your computer will say, "No so Fast, End of Line."

Jon Stewart vs. Goldman Sachs

daily show jon stewartThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes on Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) in a segment called Pyramid Economy, this is a must watch. "I guess the bailout is working...for Goldman Sachs."  A great recap of what Goldman accomplished last quarter and how much money they are making while the rest of America is scraping by. dragon tankTake a break from the Market and enjoy the weekend with a few beers and of course a fake news report from  This week, Obama axed a Pentagon plan to build a Billion Dollar Tank in the shape of a dragon.  Supporters of the Pentagon's Dragon Tank urge Obama to reconsider the fearsome power of titanium nostrils mounted with long-range flamethrowers.

It's Friday afternoon, which means it's MILLER TIME at Read this article to find out how to improver your working productivity, courtesty of