Ultrabooks Getting Orders

Ultrabooks - Large Pic

Recall our list of Ultrabook stocks we put out in January, its time to review as orders are now coming in.

Great news for our Ultrabook stocks, the orders are starting to 'pour in'.  That's going to benefit Microsoft (MSFT), Intel (INTC), and HP (HPQ).


Ultrabooks are a crossbreed of a tablet and laptop computer.  Ultrabooks are thin, light (2.4 to 3 lbs.), sleek, and bottom line -- the computer of the future.  The majority of them will be powered by Windows 8. Review our article Ultrabook Stocks for 2012 for more information on the upcoming line.

The news of ultrabook orders comes from DigiTimes.com.  Taiwan IC designers expect March sales to register 5-15% sequential growth and continue to rise through the second quarter, thanks to a pull-in of orders for ultrabooks.

Suppliers of PC controller chips indicated that orders coming from the ultrabook sector have been ramped up in preparation for new product rollouts. Orders placed by their notebook clients for March are more than 50% higher than the monthly average levels in January and February, according to sources at the design houses.

A quick look at ultrabooks, like the Intel Concept NIKISKI Demo running Windows 8:


 Here's a look at HP's Folio13 Ultrabook that comes out this year: