1984: FB Share Price and Year Zuckerberg was Born

Farley - Living in a Van down by the River

How about them apples, next thing you know Zuckerberg will be living in a van.  Down by the river of course.

Facebook (FB) shares hit $19.84 today and continue to plunge.  Turns out CEO Mark Zuckerberg was also born in 1984.  Coincidence?  Maybe Mark and shareholders needs a visit from Matt Foley.

How much lower can FB shares go?  They can keep going as more shares come to market and short sellers buy up positions and sell them short.  Mastery expects the bottom for FB shares to be around $15 when its all said an done.  Don't waste your time trying to spot the bottom on FB shares. Mastery has Better things to buy than Facebook shares for $20 (including links to all kinds of crap).

Until then, maybe Zuckerberg and co. can find some comfort in the wisdom of Matt Foley:



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Suckerberg, Bono, and the execs HAD to believe FB would take a hit - or they are all IDIOTS! Me, I believe they traded their shares for your cash at the opening bell of the IPO. Many sheep got sheared and now it's up to Suckerberg to look all glum about the P O S price that's still overvalued. But since he and the inside crew are mega wealthy on sheep gains, if FB completely imploded tomorrow and your shares were worth zero, MZ still wins. To all the sheep out there holding FB shares: Winter is coming. Buy some long underwear - if you still have a few bucks.

Great call.  I bet Charlie and Frank would sell for under $20

 charlie frank long underwear